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Colin Cheong is a Singaporean author, graduating from the National University of Singapore in 1988 with a degree in English.

Colin has been awarded a number of literary accolades for his work throughout his writing career, including the NBDCS Highly Commended Award in 1990 for his debut novel, The Stolen Child (1989), the Singapore Literature Prize Commendation in 1995 for his poetry collection, Void Decks and Other Empty Spaces (1996) and the 1996 Singapore Literature Prize for his novel, Tangerine (1997), which remains his best known work to date. He proceeded to win the Singapore Literature Prize (Merit) in 1998 for his novel, The Man in the Cupboard (1999), which was later adapted into a TV movie for the drama series, AlterAsians II. In addition to his works of fiction and poetry, Colin has also branched out into writing non-fiction. Titled One More Chance: The Story of Benny Se Teo From Heroin Addict to Restaurant Boss (2014), the book is a biographical re-telling of the life of Benny Se Teo, an ex-convict turned restaurant manager of Singaporean F&B chain, 18 Chefs

His work has been featured in the anthologies, From Boys to Men: A Literary Anthology of National Service in Singapore (2002) and Balik Kampung 3B: Some East More West (2016), and most notably, in the short story collection, Singapore Noir (2014). 

Outside of writing, Colin has worked as a journalist, political analyst, business writer and teacher, having previously taught at institutions such as Hwa Chong Junior College and School of the Arts, Singapore (SOTA). When he is not writing, he can be found indulging in one of his many interests, like riding his motorcycle or playing bass.

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