Felix Cheong



2006 - The Call from Crying House. Singapore: Landmark Books.

2007 - The Woman in the Last Carriage. Singapore: Landmark Books.

2012 - Vanishing Point. Singapore Ethos Books.

2014 - Singapore Siu Dai: The SG Conversation in a Cup, Singapore Sia Dai 2: The SG Conversation Upsize. Singapore: Ethos Books.

2016 - Singapore Siu Dai 3: The SG Conversation Dapao. Singapore: Ethos Books.

2018 - Use Your Head. Singapore: Straits Times Press.

2018 - The Case of the Moaning Mansion. Singapore: Landmark Books.

2018 - The Case of the Phantom Woman. Singapore: Landmark Books.

2019 - Do You See What I See?. Singapore: Straits Times Press.


2005 - Different. Singapore: Ethos Books.


1998 - Temptation and Other Poems. Singapore: Landmark Books.

1999 - I Watch the Stars Go Out. Singapore: Ethos Books.

2003 - Broken by the Rain. Singapore: Ethos Books.

2009 - Sudden in Youth: New and Selected Poems. Singapore: Ethos Books.

2018 - B-Sides and Backslides: 1986-2018. Singapore: Math Paper Press.


2004 - Idea to Ideal : 12 Singapore Writers on the Writing of Their Poetry. Eds. Goh, Poh Seng, Felix Cheong et al. Singapore: Firstfruits Publications.

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