Suchen Christine Lim



1984 - Rice Bowl. Singapore: Times Books International.

1990 - Gift from the Gods. Singapore: Graham Brash Publishing.

1992 - A Fistful of Colours. Singapore: Straits Times Press.

2001 - A Bit of Earth. Singapore: Marshall Cavendish.

2007 - The Lies That Build A Marriage. Singapore: Monsoon Books.

2014 - The River’s Song. London, UK: Aurora Metro Press.

2017 - The Man Who Wore His Wife’s Sarong. Singapore: Monsoon Books.


2000 - Hua Song: Stories of the Chinese Diaspora. San Francisco, USA: Long River Press.

2005 - Stories of the Chinese Overseas. Singapore: SNP Editions.


1986 - The Amah: A Portrait in Black & White (co-written with Ophelia Ooi). Singapore.

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